Use Case Metricool

Metricool optimized churn calculation across several platforms

The high-growth startup Metricool needs a robust tool to help it calculate b2b metrics, automate reporting and get insights from their acquisition channels. 


 Juan Pablo, Ceo of Metricool, needed a tool that would unify his different payment systems: Stripe, Paypal, transfer… and identify the type of churn according to the needs of his startup. Other competitors solutions are implemented for the ideal user case, which rarely happens.

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SaaS b2b metrics automatically calculated by country, plan...
Datasource Connected
churn recognition model
Subscription Analytics Cohorts
Precision Matters

Churn Recognition Analysis Model

We defined a churn calculation model that differentiated between voluntary and involuntary churn that was adapted to Metricool needs.

MRR Movements Visualization

We have cleaned up and unified the different payment systems to implement automatic recognition of all MRR movements: New MRR, Churn MRR, Upgrate and Downgrade. This is not the complicated part, the hardest part is to do it with cohorts and customer segments according to different filters.

MRR movements
Data-driven performance and decision-making

How we do

We analyze and clean data sources

The data connectors of Stripe, Paypal... from generalist tools have many errors. They need cleaning and modeling

Data modelling

we apply our data models and churn models to obtain the required metrics, mrr movements, churn according to the required cohorts

Data Visualization and Alerts

We automatically visualize data in a way that is easy to segment by country, currency, plan and language and set alerts and targets.

Metricool Subscription Analytics Solution With Demo Data

Nextscenario helps us unify our billing records and recognize churn when it actually happens. For example, if a user changed payment method to Paypal, it was recorded as churn . Or at the first attempt, even if we could recover it.
There are other subscription analytics tools on the market, but they only take into account the ideal cases that rarely happens and Nextscenario adapts to these use cases. Nextscenario has brought us savings in decision making and reporting times.
juan pablo tejela metricool
Juan Pablo
Metricool CEo


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