8 best Product Analytics tools to help you make better decisions

Product analytics is the process of collecting data on the use of digital products to make decisions on product optimization, the core of a SaaS. In the previous post, we talked about how to implement a product measurement strategy, and today we present an analysis of the best product analytics tools for C-Level to carry out your measurement […]

Saas Forecast: Predicting the Future of your Software as a Service

SaaS (Software as a Service) forecasting is a process of predicting future business outcomes based on historical data. It is a crucial aspect of any SaaS business as it helps companies to plan their resources, set realistic goals, and make informed decisions. SaaS forecasting models are designed to process data and build forecasts based on […]

How to calculate active users in a saas startup

Before going into detail on how to calculate active users in a saas, we should remember what an active users is. Active users in a saas startups are the total number of users who interact with our product in a given period of time. Users who access “x” times to your service and perform “y” […]


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