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Dashboard Analytics for Saas

Connect all your data in one place, build dashboards, automate reports and forecast in minutes. Calculate cohorts metrics by customer type and predict your churn

Benefits for our SaaS Analytics Dashboard

A SaaS Analytics Dashboard offers real-time data access, customization, and cost-efficiency. Its user-friendly interface promotes data literacy, and collaboration features enhance teamwork. With data security and advanced predictive analytics, it empowers businesses to make informed decisions, allocate resources efficiently, and stay ahead in today's competitive landscape.

Change your business using a dashboard

Your data is fragmented in different platforms and databases

Excel, analytics, hubspot, need to acces to each platform report

You waste timebuilding reports and kpi´s in excel

with unreliable data and broken formulas

Many business questions don’t have data based answers

Churn or CAC in Europe, for Enterprise Plan customers cannot be the same as in Philadelphia. Analyze what is happening in each customer segment

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How we do

How to use our Dashboard Software

Are you tired of spending countless hours generating reports, unifying data, and correcting errors? If you’re a CFO or financial team member, it’s time to consider a financial reporting software and dashboards that can help streamline your processes.

1. Connect your Data

Provide us a list of your customer transactions, contracts or invoices, through CSV, Stripe, Paypal, Holded or your billing system... and we will automate the calculation of kpi's and reporting.


2. Calculate your key metrics automatically

Through your records we calculate all mrr movements, recognize churn, LTV, Cac and any metric you need thanks to our AI-enabled data models.

3. Get your Financial Reports and Dahsboards

Visualize your data in powerful dashboards and customize and automate reports for investors, team and others. Generate reports and alerts on compliance with the defined targets and keep your entire team aligned.

Some metrics and features included in
our analytics dashboard

Experience the power of data first-hand. Obtain the metrics or KPI's of your business to prepare reports and make future decisions.

New Customers

Evaluate how many new users are entering your business

Upsell MRR

Represents the additional monthly revenue generated by upselling or upgrading existing customers to higher-tier plans, adding new features, or increasing the quantity or scope of their subscriptions

Lost Customers

Are you losing income? Identify if you have lost your customer quota

Downsell MRR

Calculate the drop in your monthly income at a glance and in a simple way

Churn Mrr

At a glance compare your monthly profits and losses from subscribing to your services


A method to calculate the TOTAL amount of your  subscription incomeand recurring revenue that a business expects to receive per month and per year


it is a crucial metric used by businesses to measure the cost associated with acquiring a new customer.


Estimate the total revenue a customer is expected to generate over the entire duration of their relationship with the company

Discover Where You Lose or Gain More Customers: The Powerful Cohorts and Segmentation Analytics in Your SaaS

Extracting individual metrics is straightforward. The real power of the tool lies in doing it by cohorts and segmentations to derive predictive insights about the business's evolution.

Precise Segmentation

Optimize your marketing and sales strategy by identifying similar user groups for personalized campaigns.

Enhanced Retention

Identify customer behavior patterns over time, allowing you to reduce customer churn and increase retention.

Real-Time Monitoring

Access real-time data instantly to make decisions based on current information, not assumptions.

Predictive Analysis

Utilize historical data to predict future trends and stay ahead of your customers' needs, driving sustainable growth.
World of Metrics!

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