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Effortlessly connect with popular third-party tools to expand your functionality. Streamline operations and enhance your capabilities for seamless business growth and improved efficiency.
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Data from everywhere

Analyze all your data from sources such as Hubspot, Pipedrive, Stripe, Holded among others... and identify your MRR movements, Churn by customer segments...
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How We do
Simply provide us with your customer lists and transactions by CSV, Stripe, Paypal, Holded... and we will automatically calculate all the key metrics of your business.
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Our SaaS analytics software excels in seamless third-party integrations, simplifying data extraction. Effortlessly connect with external apps to harness valuable insights, empowering your business with effortless data access and analysis.
Calculate your MRR movements and identify churn according to your business needs. Forget about incorrect data from Stripe dashboards.
Calculate the revenue generated and the growth of your business through this channel. Forget about searching for information that you can't find in the application's dashboards.
Connect your data from Microsoft Excel to use it all in one place. Enjoy drawing the best conclusions for your business by complementing the tools you use daily.
Connect with your Google Sheets to extract the data you need. Our connectors are simple and fast.
Understand how your customers behave from the moment a lead enters the system until they become a customer, change plans, or churn. Discover which acquisition channel has the highest retention.
Forget about accessing each platform to find out campaign performance, customer acquisition costs (CAC), and campaign returns.
Get the results of your campaigns in one place. Review performance and objectives to have better control of your business.
The performance data of your campaigns on professional platforms like LinkedIn will help you understand the impact of your business. Cross-reference the data and make decisions at a whole new level for your business.
Why Choose Our Churn Analytics Platform?

Connect all Your Data and use them with Churn Dashboards

Other generalist tools are implemented with the ideal use cases. Our customer churn reconigtion platform adapts, declaring the churn in the time window of the customer.

1. Connect your Data

Connect your data through Stripe, Paypal, Holded or excel and csv for businesses focused on b2b sales strategies.

2. Churn recognition

With your data we recognize when a customer produces churn and warn you when it is involuntary churn so that you can try to recover it.

3. Get your Churn Dashboard and Report

Visualize your data in powerful churn dashboards and segment by country, language or plan.
Your modern data platform to centralize, transform, and analyze all your data sources with our
Modern data platform
Third-party integrations

Connect all your data sources in minutes with more than 90 integrations

Visualize all your data in powerful dashboards thanks to 90+ automatic and codeless integrations with Next Scenario.
World of Metrics!

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