Financial Reporting Software for CFO´s and Financial Teams

Forget about the same repetitive tasks every month and excel with broken formulas. Save 80% of your time, and focus on the tasks that move the needle.

A Financial Reporting Tool for all your Financial Data Sources

How we do

How to use our Dashboard Software

Are you tired of spending countless hours generating reports, unifying data, and correcting errors? If you’re a CFO or financial team member, it’s time to consider a financial reporting software and dashboards that can help streamline your processes.

1. Connect your Data

Provide us a list of your customer transactions, contracts or invoices, through CSV, Stripe, Paypal, Holded or your billing system... and we will automate the calculation of kpi's and reporting.


2. Calculate your key metrics automatically

Through your records we calculate all mrr movements, recognize churn, LTV, Cac and any metric you need thanks to our AI-enabled data models.

3. Get your Financial Reports and Dahsboards

Visualize your data in powerful dashboards and customize and automate reports for investors, team and others. Generate reports and alerts on compliance with the defined targets and keep your entire team aligned.

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About us

Do You live the excel nightmare and spend several days generating reports and unifying data?

Our financial reporting software is specifically designed for CFO’s and financial teams. It can help you connect all your data sources in one place, automatically measure your SaaS KPIs, automate reporting, and plan goals. With our benchmark of metrics and no need for a data team, you can make data-driven decisions without the hassle of Excel.

Precise Segmentation

Optimize your marketing and sales strategy by identifying similar user groups for personalized campaigns.

Enhanced Retention

Identify customer behavior patterns over time, allowing you to reduce customer churn and increase retention.

Real-Time Monitoring

Access real-time data instantly to make decisions based on current information, not assumptions.

Predictive Analysis

Utilize historical data to predict future trends and stay ahead of your customers' needs, driving sustainable growth.

Subscription financial model

Navigating the subscription landscape can be complex. With kpi´s like recurring revenue, retention rates, and customer acquisition costs, our metrics model and churn recognition model can help you team.

Centralize your data

Say goodbye to manual data entry and hours spent creating reports. Our tool automates the process, giving you time back in your day

Calculate metrics

Connect effortlessly with your existing data sources and platforms and get your combine metrics

Automate reporting and dashboards

Eliminate human errors and ensure that your reports are always accurate and up-to-date. Visualize your data in real-time with customizable dashboards that present insights as they happen.
World of Metrics!

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