All your ecommerce finnancial data in one place

Say goodbye to scattered data and disjointed analysis. Nextscenario, integrate and centralize all your ecommerce data from Shopify, WooCommerce, Amazon, and many others.
Ecommerce Finnancial sales

Nextscenario automates all your omnichannel ecommerce financial data

Track sales, revenue, expenses, cac, roi and profitability across all your sales channels. Identify trends, opportunities, and potential areas for improvement with precision and clarity.
With Nextscenario

All in one ecommerce platform

Foster collaboration and alignment across your team with shared access to the Business Data

Profit analysis

See exactly how much Profit you made on Amazon, Shopiffy or other platforms. Automate your finnancial ecommerce analysis and get powerfull insights in real time.Analyze your cost, Roi, Roas, adquisition cost and gross margin per order.

Connect all your data

Say farewell to data silos and fragmented insights. With Nextscenario, seamlessly connect and consolidate all your ecommerce data sources, from Shopify to WooCommerce, Amazon to Google Ads and Facebook Ads, and beyond.

Decisions based in real time data

Empower your decision-making process with actionable insights derived from comprehensive data analysis. Whether it's optimizing your marketing strategy on Google Ads or Facebook Ads, refining your product offerings, or enhancing your customer experience.

Forget Manual Task

Simplify your reporting process with customizable dashboards and reports tailored to your specific needs. From high-level overviews to granular details, Nextscenario equips you with the tools to effectively communicate your ecommerce performance and progress to stakeholders and team members.

Business Dashboards

Tailor your Business Dashboard to reflect the metrics and insights that matter most to you. Whether it's sales figures, customer acquisition costs, inventory levels, or marketing ROI, customize your dashboard to showcase the information most relevant to your unique business goals and objectives.
Real Time metrics calculation

Calculate metrics from several sources

Sales from Amazon and web. Campagaign costs, Roi, Gross Margin... are important metrics to take into account in any business, but they don't always come from the same datasource.
Ecommerce analytics software with

Segmentation and cohorts

Do you need to know the sales, cac or ltv of a specific country? Compare your customer segments in powerfull dashboards and get notify when something go wrong.
Average order by country
Precision Matters

Connect all your data in one place

Connect Amazon seller, Shopify, woocommerce and many other in one place. 
Forget manual processes

Automates Reporting and Create Goals Alerts

Automate ecommerce finnacial reporting and key metrics like gross margin, sales, roi, LTV, and much more. Empower your team with tools that not only present the data but also put it into actionable strategies for growth
World of Metrics!

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