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In the fast-paced world of SaaS, understanding user behavior across your business, improving user retention, and maximizing the lifetime value of your customers are more critical than ever. Yet, many SaaS businesses struggle with a lack of insights and actionable data.

Customer growth

Identify subscription growth or decline among your customers in-depth.

Create Segments

Create specific segments to cross-reference data and make decisions based on them.

Understanding Trends

Get ahead of trends and prepare your business to face them and make the most of them.

Set Goals

Set objectives according to your business and measure the results obtained.
Data-driven decisions

Data as a way to drive a business

Segmentation assists in pinpointing the pricing plans that yield the best results, identifying customer profiles with a higher likelihood of conversion, and discerning the characteristics of your most devoted subscribers.

We offer a robust array of analytical tools, such as filters, segments, customized reports, data enrichment, and more, all designed to reveal hidden insights that drive improved decision-making.

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Segmentation Features

Experience the power of data first-hand. Obtain the metrics or KPI's of your business to prepare reports and make future decisions.


Enhance your SaaS analytics with Country segmentation. Easily pinpoint regional trends, customer preferences, and growth opportunities in your global user base.


Currency segmentation in our SaaS dashboard simplifies financial analysis. View revenue, churn, and pricing strategies in multiple currencies, optimizing your international expansion.


Plan segmentation provides insights into subscription tiers. Understand user behavior, feature adoption, and upgrade paths, empowering data-driven decisions for your SaaS business.
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The best way to advance analytics is to get it out of limited in-app reporting. This often means dumping large amounts of data into Excel, with its inefficiencies.

Complete waste of time

Inefficient, unintuitive and visual process

Lack fo team integrations

Can´t share data or reports with your team


Little transparency


Unsure how many users have access

Low value

Repetitive and low value work
Subscription analytics software with

Segmentation and cohorts

Cohorts and Segmentation are powerful features in our SaaS business dashboard. Cohorts help you analyze user groups over time, while Segmentation allows you to dissect data by various factors such as location, subscription plans, and behavior. Gain deep insights and make data-driven decisions to optimize your SaaS performance and user experience.
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