Churn Analysis for Saas Business

Churn Analysis for Saas Business

Understanding customer churn analysis is paramount in today’s ever-evolving business landscape. Dive deep into churn analytics to maximize your business’s growth

Churn by country
Churn Analysis

Detect Churn Risk Before It's Too Late

Before you can solve a problem, you need to know it exists. Our churn dashboard integrates seamlessly with your existing systems, illuminating churn risk areas and providing actionable insights.

Get insights From your Churn Dashboard

Visualize your data in our Churn Dashboard

Transform the way you see churn. With our Churn Dashboard, data isn’t just numbers; it’s a powerful visual narrative waiting to be explored. Join us and illuminate the path to customer retention like never before.

Churn Dashboard
How we do Our Churn Analysis

Customer Churn Analysis: Cohorts and Segmentation

With our churn analysis you can analyze churn according to cohorts and segmentations by country, plan or language.

churn recognition model
Precision Matters

Proved churn analysis model

Because every business is different, we do not treat all businesses the same, as do other platforms that only implement the ideal case. We are specialized in b2b models

Why Choose Our Churn Analytics Platform?

Churn Analysis for Saas and Churn Dashboards

Other generalist tools are implemented with the ideal use cases. Our customer churn reconigtion platform adapts, declaring the churn in the time window of the customer.


1. Connect your Customer Data

Connect your data through Stripe, Paypal, Holded or excel and csv for businesses focused on b2b sales strategies.


2. Churn recognition

With your data we recognize when a customer produces churn and warn you when it is involuntary churn so that you can try to recover it.


3. Get your Churn Dashboard and Report

Visualize your data in powerful churn dashboards and segment by country, language or plan.

Improve Productivity

Forget about manual process and spreadsheets, broken formulas and general connectors. Free yourself from more than 7 hours with our churn analytics software.


Give your churn data the stage it deserves. Dive deep, explore nuances, and unlock insights with our visually stunning Churn Dashboard.