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Empower Your Subscription and B2B Acquisition Strategy. Anticipate churn, enhance retention, and fuel your business's expansion with our advanced subscription management platform, designed specifically for forward-thinking managers. Check out our Chartmogul Alternatives.
Check out our Chartmogul alternatives.

Discover the Top 5 Reasons Businesses Choose Nextscenario Over ChartMogul

Understand the key factors that make Nextscenario the preferred choice for dynamic subscription analytics, cost, revenue management and forecast"
Subscription analytics software with

Advanced segmentation and cohorts

Need Insight into the Churn and LTV of Europe's Professional Plan Customers? Effortlessly compare your customer segments using our intuitive dashboards and stay informed with timely notifications for any critical developments
Mrr by country subscription analytics
Finnancial Models
Real Time metrics calculation

Financial Models and cost models

Chartmogul only has subscription analytics. With nextscenario you can also analyze your costs, and automatically get your financial models, such as profit and loss, cashflow or balance sheets in one place. Check out our Chartmogul Alternatives.
Forget manual processes

More Datasources Connections

Seamlessly Integrate Data from HubSpot, Pipedrive, Stripe, and More. There are several Chartmogul Alternatives. Simplify your metrics reporting by automating the tracking of crucial indicators like CAC, costs, MRR, churn, and LTV. Equip your team with powerful tools that not only showcase data but also transform it into actionable strategies for sustained growth
LTV MAp cohorts
Every business needs personalization

Personalize your churn analysis

Chartmogul is made for common use cases. But most companies need some customization. Check out our Chartmogul Alternatives. Do you want to customize when you recognize your churn? When it happens, in the second month. Or users who churn in the first month are not churn for you, because you consider that they are testing the product. Customize several use cases with Nextscenario
Forget manual processes

Forecast Models

Integrate your data easily and make financial projections of your key metrics based on your previous months, customized targets. Define several scenarios for each period and plan in detail forgetting about manual tasks.
Chartmogul Alternatives
Chartmogul Alternatives
Real Time metrics calculation

Aggregate and Analyze Metrics from Diverse Sources

Tracking Campaigns, Customers, Costs, ROI, and More: Essential Metrics for Every Business. These vital figures often originate from various data sources, making their calculation complex and inefficient, especially when done manually
Forget manual processes

Benchmark your metrics

Is a churn rate of 3% good? How much is the cac of a $129 ARPA b2b business? Compare your metrics with similar businesse and check if you are on the right track.
Bencharmark metrics
Every business needs personalization

B2b Funnels

Connect your crm data and analyze your conversion rates to customers for each campaign.
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Chartmogul competitors

Exploring Alternatives to ChartMogul: A Guide to Competing Subscription Analytics Platforms. Dive into the diverse landscape of tools and services that rival ChartMogul in the realm of subscription data analysis and business intelligence.



Startrs at
$ 119
per year
  • Dashboards and metrics
  • Datasources: Stripe, Paypal...
  • Segmentation and Cohorts
  • Alerts & Goals
  • B2B Funnels datasources: Hubspot, Pipedrive...
  • Add Costs Data
  • Churn Personalizction
  • Finnancial Models: Cashflow, P&L, Balance Sheet,
  • Monthly Reports
  • Benchmark
  • Lower price
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Chartmogul Alternative Features

Discover the features of our product that make it different from chartmogul

Connect your data sources in seconds

Hubspot, Pipedrive, Stripe, Paypal, GA4, Linkedin Ads, Facebook ads, Holded, Sheets.... +20 integrations.

Churn recognition model

Customize with our subscription analytics software when you want to recognize your churn, we are not just a platform for ideal cases like other competitors.

Forget spreadsheets and manual task

No more broken formulas and no more access to more than 5 tools. Optimize up to 80% of your financial reporting and forecasting tasks.

More than Dashboards

We are not a dashboard tool, we are not PowerBI, Datastudio and others... We are a SaaS business analytics tool with our own data models for Saas metrics.

Global Segmentation and Cohorts

Your customers in Germany are not the same as in Spain or New York. Segment your customers by plan, location, payment method and get the insights to grow your business.

No Data Stack and Team Required

You don't need a data team, months of set up, or expensive datawarehouse, although if you have them we integrate with them. Integrate in weeks instead of months.

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