Business Data Platform
for CEOs and Founders

Connect all your data in one place, build dashboards, automate reports and forecast in minutes. Calculate cohorts metrics by customer type and predict your churn

Being data-driven can be difficult

Your data is fragmented in different platforms and databases

Excel, analytics, hubspot, need to acces to each platform report

You waste timebuilding reports and kpi´s in excel

with unreliable data and broken formulas

Many business questions don’t have data based answers

Churn or CAC in Europe, for Enterprise Plan customers cannot be the same as in Philadelphia. Analyze what is happening in each customer segment
Connect all your data in one place

Data from everywhere

Analyze all your data from sources such as Hubspot, Pipedrive, Stripe, Holded among others... and identify your MRR movements, Churn by customer segments...
Automate metrics process

Forget spreadsheets and manual processes

Forget about wasting more than 7 hours every month, accessing several platforms to analyze your data in a sheet that breaks the formulas for and send reports You can combine data from multiple sources and easily calculate new metrics without coding or spreadsheets.
Forget manual processes

Automates Reporting and create objetives

Automate the reporting to investors, teams or any other stakeholder in minutes and just once. Metrics like MRR, churn, LTV, CAC and all you need.
Connect all your data in one place

Connect all your data sources in minutes with more than 90 integrations

Visualize all your data in powerful dashboards thanks to 90+ automatic and codeless integrations with Next Scenario.

How we keep can help you

Next Scenario is a business data platform that connects all your data sources together and transforms all your raw data to suit your needs.

Automate reports for your team and stakeholders

Make your team more efficient and productive while reducing human error.

Track Any KPI

Calculates combined metrics such as Cac, LTV or Conversion Rates from multiple data sources.

Powerfull Dashboards

Visualize your data that matter in one place and align your team

Predictive Forecast

Forecast your growth, forecast your company to succes. Share feedback and budgets for businners partners.

Global Monitoring

Receive alerts & recommendations when they matter most

Data Protection

works only with correct data and sets up access to the data

Try Our Finnancial Dashboard Demo for SaaS

Not more repetitive task
How We do
Simply provide us with your customer lists and transactions by CSV, Stripe, Paypal, Holded... and we will automatically calculate all the key metrics of your business.
Your modern data platform to centralize, transform, and analyze all your data sources with our
Modern data platform
Business Data Platform for CEOs and Founders

No Data Team Required

Business Data Platform for CEOs and Founders

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