DAU MAU Ratio: a way to measure engagement in saas

SaaS companies have certain metrics to monitor to keep up with the evolution of their SaaS product. Nowadays, there are efficient ways to measure even the relationship and the level of interaction that users have with the products or services, this is useful to understand the impact achieved. DAU vs. MAU is the key in […]

Churn Saas

Churn Rate in Saas: how to measure and identify it?

SaaS companies base their growth and performance evaluation on different metrics, such as cac, mrr or churn rate. All these kpi’s are key when making key decisions for the development of the company. The b2b saas churn is one of the basic indicators for any SaaS company. It has a concept and calculation that are simple in […]

SaaS ARPU: a very useful metric in a Saas model

SaaS metrics are important for a company with clear goals and strategic growth objectives for its evaluation periods. SaaS ARPU is one of the metrics that function as key players in this dynamic to know the status of the company, its financial health and profitability on a per-customer basis. In this article we will go […]

NPS: a key indicator for your SaaS

There are many metrics that influence user and customer retention, but efforts should be focused when it is possible to anticipate. Evaluating the NPS can help us to do so. The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is an indicator that evaluates the customer experience. Knowing the NPS is essential in the process of measuring the customer […]

Saas CAC: how to calculate it

SaaS companies have some unique metrics in their business model that are useful to evaluate the level of performance that the company is currently having, but today we come to talk with one that is common with other business models, how the CAC, but we will analyze its particularities. The CAC is one of the […]

MRR SaaS: What is and how to measure it?

MRR is a SaaS metric that plays a key role in the study of a SaaS company. Undoubtedly, it is another of the kpis that offers an approximation of the current status of the company, providing a useful tool for analysis and decision making. In this article you will find the necessary information to learn […]

Saas Market Fit: 4 phases to achieve it

There is a disconnection between the traction in sales and recurring revenue that a saas startup will be able to generate, and the actual traction that many founders and venture capitalists expect. A startup goes through many stages, after seeing the birth and traction of many saas businesses for over 4 years, I have identified […]


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