What is a customer data platform (CDP) and what are its advantages?

Nowadays, companies have access to a large amount of consumer data, but in many cases, the volume of information is so large that it becomes difficult to handle, leading to missed opportunities and failure to draw valuable insights. The available information includes transactional, demographic, and behavioral data across various channels such as online advertising, e-commerce, […]

Best Saas books in 2023

There are many different startups and the best SaaS books will depend on the type of state your startup is in. For example, if you are looking for a book on how to build a SaaS in 2023, you need a different book than if you are looking for a book on how to use […]

How to close B2B SaaS sales systematically

An “easy” Saas sale in b2b is not impossible, it is a matter of method and today we will see how. You have a first meeting with a potential customer. He has just the problem you solve. And it hurts. You show him your solution and he likes it. Solving the problem seems pretty straightforward […]

SaaS business plan template: Excel with SaaS metrics with examples

I’ve been consulting startups for 5 years now. I’ve realized that more than 50% of founders fail – mostly because they didn’t manage cashflow properly. Companies die because of cash management, not because they do not sell. Knowing how the money comes in and goes out of your startup seems easy, but most people do […]

SaaS Retention Rate: a quick guide

Growth and analytics metrics are key for SaaS companies seeking a broad picture of their financial health. The SaaS Retention Rate is an indicator that provides an accurate quantification of the feedback customers are looking to express, it is an essential metric for understanding the value of products to customers. In this article you will […]

DAU MAU Ratio: a way to measure engagement in saas

SaaS companies have certain metrics to monitor to keep up with the evolution of their SaaS product. Nowadays, there are efficient ways to measure even the relationship and the level of interaction that users have with the products or services, this is useful to understand the impact achieved. DAU vs. MAU is the key in […]

Churn Saas

Churn Rate in Saas: how to measure and identify it?

SaaS companies base their growth and performance evaluation on different metrics, such as cac, mrr or churn rate. All these kpi’s are key when making key decisions for the development of the company. The b2b saas churn is one of the basic indicators for any SaaS company. It has a concept and calculation that are simple in […]

SaaS ARPU: a very useful metric in a Saas model

SaaS metrics are important for a company with clear goals and strategic growth objectives for its evaluation periods. SaaS ARPU is one of the metrics that function as key players in this dynamic to know the status of the company, its financial health and profitability on a per-customer basis. In this article we will go […]

NPS: a key indicator for your SaaS

There are many metrics that influence user and customer retention, but efforts should be focused when it is possible to anticipate. Evaluating the NPS can help us to do so. The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is an indicator that evaluates the customer experience. Knowing the NPS is essential in the process of measuring the customer […]


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