How to calculate active users in a saas startup

Before going into detail on how to calculate active users in a saas, we should remember what an active users is. Active users in a saas startups are the total number of users who interact with our product in a given period of time. Users who access “x” times to your service and perform “y” […]

B2b Saas Metrics Journey Framework

There are many models to explain the customer life, but until now I had´t found one that applied completely to a SaaS business model, covering all its peculiarities and phases. After working with more than 100 Saas startups at one of the biggest Europe´s accelerator and iterating several models, I designed the essential saas metrics […]

Most important metrics for SaaS investors

If you’re part of a SaaS startup, you’re probably looking for ways to ensure your company’s long-term success, and one of the best ways to do that is to attract industry-savvy investors. However, investors aren’t going to put their money into just any business, they need to see certain metrics and signs that your company […]

Excel Forecasting for SaaS Startups: A Complete Guide

Making a forecast in excel for metrics in a StartUp is not easy, here we tell you how. Would you like to have a clear idea of how much you have to sell to be profitable? Do you want to plan your budget and future expenses effectively? Whether you want to or not, this is […]

What is product analytics: A complete guide to measuring and scaling a Saas

The concept of product analytics refers to the measurement of digital products, and refers to the process of understanding how users interact with a digital product and using this data to improve our software. What is product analytics? In a world where SaaS has exploded, where competition is a click of a button away, with relatively low […]

How to calculate Lifetime Value in SaaS. Quick guide

SaaS companies must maintain rigorous monitoring of metrics that give them an overview of the financial status of their products. In particular, Lifetime Value SaaS is a key indicator to evaluate our Saas, from acquisition to retention of a customer. If you are interested in knowing more about Lifetime Value, how to calculate it and […]

Saas marketing funnel: what is it and how to measure its results?

Working to acquire, qualify and convert leads is a critical part of the business success of any SaaS (Software as a Service) business. However, trying to balance your company’sdifferent marketing, sales and retention efforts for your company can be challenging. In thisa good strategy is to organize those efforts using a SaaS sales conversion funnel.(Saas […]

Cohort study for Saas

A cohort study is one of the best-known tools for calculating retention, but not everyone knows how to calculate them correctly. In this article, we will explain how to implement a cohort study for SaaS, with customer retention cohorts, user cohorts, and customer cohort analyses. We will also address the specific use case for a […]


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