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B2b Saas Metrics Journey Framework

There are many models to explain the customer life, but until now I had´t found one that applied completely to a SaaS business model, covering all its peculiarities and phases. After working with more than 100 Saas startups at one … Read More

How to calculate active users in a saas startup

Before going into detail on how to calculate active users in a saas, we should remember what an active users is. Active users in a saas startups are the total number of users who interact with our product in a … Read More

Leads, Users, Active Users and Customers. Who is who in a Saas startup?

I am going to talk about the most important B2b saas metrics and objectives, that will help you measure your success and make decisions based on the right data. What is it a lead? What is a saas user? What … Read More

Saas Product: Do things that don´t scale

Is a fact, that SaaS (Software as a service) is one of the fastest growing business models in recent years. But why is the SaaS model products are so popular right know? More and more entrepreneurs are building Saas products. … Read More