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Actions on SaaS efficiency metrics to mesure the profitability of your Saas in 2023

In 2022 there has been a slowdown in VC investments, we already know that this excessive growth is no longer demanded, but now, “the new sexy is profitability”, so here will talk about Saas Efficiency metrics. If before, profitability was … Read More

8 best Product Analytics tools to help you make better decisions

Product analytics is the process of collecting data on the use of digital products to make decisions on product optimization, the core of a SaaS. In the previous post, we talked about how to implement a product measurement strategy, and … Read More

What is product analytics: A complete guide to measuring and scaling a Saas

The concept of product analytics refers to the measurement of digital products, and refers to the process of understanding how users interact with a digital product and using this data to improve our software. What is product analytics? In a … Read More

How to create a One Pager for Saas? Includes real examples

If you are a startup with some experience you will surely know what a One Pager is, but if not, don’t worry, we all got a silly face the first time an investor asked us for a One Pager. Today … Read More

SaaS business plan template: Excel with SaaS metrics with examples

I’ve been consulting startups for 5 years now. I’ve realized that more than 50% of founders fail – mostly because they didn’t manage cashflow properly. Companies die because of cash management, not because they do not sell. Knowing how the … Read More

How to calculate Lifetime Value in SaaS. Quick guide

SaaS companies must maintain rigorous monitoring of metrics that give them an overview of the financial status of their products. In particular, Lifetime Value SaaS is a key indicator to evaluate our Saas, from acquisition to retention of a customer. … Read More

SaaS Retention Rate: a quick guide

Growth and analytics metrics are key for SaaS companies seeking a broad picture of their financial health. The SaaS Retention Rate is an indicator that provides an accurate quantification of the feedback customers are looking to express, it is an … Read More

DAU MAU Ratio: a way to measure engagement in saas

SaaS companies have certain metrics to monitor to keep up with the evolution of their SaaS product. Nowadays, there are efficient ways to measure even the relationship and the level of interaction that users have with the products or services, … Read More

SaaS ARPU: a very useful metric in a Saas model

SaaS metrics are important for a company with clear goals and strategic growth objectives for its evaluation periods. SaaS ARPU is one of the metrics that function as key players in this dynamic to know the status of the company, … Read More

NPS: a key indicator for your SaaS

There are many metrics that influence user and customer retention, but efforts should be focused when it is possible to anticipate. Evaluating the NPS can help us to do so. The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is an indicator that evaluates … Read More