How it works

1. Upload your own data

Easily upload your key b2b saas metrics by csv, form or add automatic datasources

2. Get your Saas dashboard

Visualize the Saas metrics that matter in one place

3. Customize Reports & Alerts

Get reports & alerts for your Saas KPI´s at the right time, at the right place.

Visualize and track saas metrics perfomance

MRR movements, Churn, Adquisition Costs, Funnels, Cohorts, saas b2b sales metrics, saas financial metrics... Visualize all saas kpi´s in one place and track metrics performance
Saas sales Dashboard

Easily calculate and combine your saas metrics

Easily measure Cac, mrrs, churn, conversion ratse, cohort, funnels and all saas kpi´s with Next Scenario

Automate Reporting saas kpi´s and Alerts

Send reports by email or slack to your investors, employees, or partners can get acces to your business perfomance in real time. You don´t need to waste your time with recurring reports.

Set Team Goals

Will my team achieve sales targets this month? You won't have to check every time. Define a target and you will be informed of its follow-up when necessary.

From b2b Saas Metrics to Insights

We have extensive Wiki that will allow your entire team to knows the most important saas metrics for each phase , how to calculate the kpi´s that matter to convert them into insights.

Growth your Saas with the best stack

Collect, organize, analyze & visualize your business data in one place.