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Say goodbye to waiting until month or quarter-end to detect performance trends. With NextScenario, you can automate alerts for any metric, specifying the trigger conditions. Curious about declining sales opportunities by a specific percentage or the likelihood of missing your sales target due to current trends? Get real-time insights now.

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Track KPI Performance Alerts Easy

monitor KPI performance alerts with our SaaS software. Simplify tracking and stay informed with user-friendly features that make keeping an eye on key metrics easy.

1. Set First You KPI's Strategy

The foundation of success begins with the first step: establishing a robust KPI strategy. Define your objectives, choose relevant metrics, and set the course for data-driven excellence in your business

2. Select the metrics you want to be notified about

The second crucial step is metric selection. Choose the metrics that align closely with your goals to ensure your KPIs accurately reflect your business's performance and progress.

3. Set conditional parameters

The third vital step is configuring condition rules for alerts. Tailor your alert conditions precisely to your business needs, ensuring timely notifications that keep you ahead of any potential issues.

4. Select a Delivery method

In the final step, configure your preferred notification method. Whether it's email, or in-app alerts, set up the ideal channel to receive timely notifications for your KPI alerts.
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Know when your business is achieving results in real-time

Embrace the future of performance tracking with NextScenario. No more reliance on monthly or quarterly assessments. Our solution empowers you to set up real-time alerts for any metric, tailored to your unique trigger conditions. Be in the know about sudden drops in sales opportunities or the likelihood of missing sales targets due to current market dynamics. Gain instant access to live insights.
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