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Know what's happening in your acquisition and monetization process. Nextscenario facilitates the integration of your revenue streams, billing and customer acquisition datasources to support your decision making.
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Business Data Platform. Integra todas tus fuentes de datos

Always know how your business is performing

Connect all your data sources in one place and build your metrics from your list of invoices, customers or orders
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Business Data Analytics Solutions For

Know the key kpi of your business model and automate their measurement. Obtain cash flow and P&L financial models and make decisions in real time.

SaaS, Apps and recurring Business

Subscription analytics platform that connects to your payment and customer acquisition systems, providing relevant information about SaaS businesses, apps... to help managers in decision making.
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CFO or Finnancial Team

Break free from the Excel maze. Instead of juggling multiple applications to report each metric and correcting endless errors, let our tool streamline 80% of your workload, consolidating reports and data effortlessly
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Retail / Ecommerce

Do you sell on different platforms? Centralize your billing data, orders, margins, acquisition costs in one place. We integrate Shoppify, Amazon Seller, Woocommerce and many others.
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Growth, Sales and Marketing Leaders

Forget about the need to access several platforms to know the CAC, Payback or LTV of the customers acquired from marketing or sales.
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Subscription analytics software with

Connect all your data sources in minutes with 90+ integrations

Integrate data from HubSpot,Amazon, Shopify, Pipedrive, Stripe, and others datasources effortlessly. Automate the reporting SaaS key metrics like MRR, churn, LTV, and much more. Empower your team with tools that not only present the data but also put it into actionable strategies for growth.
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Precision Matters

Business analytics with artificial intelligence, using your own data.

Don't waste more than 5 hours a month with repetitive tasks to analyze your data from different platforms. Combine data from multiple sources without spreadsheets and get reports automatically.
Forget manual processes

Automates Reporting and Create Goals Alerts

Need to know the churn, billing and LTV of customers in Europe? Compare your customer segments in powerful dashboards and get notified when something goes wrong in our subscription analytics tool.
Real Time metrics calculation

Calculate metrics from multiple sources

Campaigns, customers, costs, Roi... are important metrics to take into account in any business, but they don't always come from the same datasource. So calculating them is not an efficient process, and if they are calculated manually

Connect your data sources in seconds

Hubspot, Pipedrive, Stripe, Paypal, GA4, Linkedin Ads, Facebook ads, Holded, Sheets.... +20 integrations.

Churn recognition model

Customize with our subscription analytics software when you want to recognize your churn, we are not just a platform for ideal cases like other competitors.

Forget spreadsheets and manual task

No more broken formulas and no more access to more than 5 tools. Optimize up to 80% of your financial reporting and forecasting tasks.

More than Dashboards

We are not a dashboard tool, we are not PowerBI, Datastudio and others... We are a SaaS business analytics tool with our own data models for Saas metrics.

Global Segmentation and Cohorts

Your customers in Germany are not the same as in Spain or New York. Segment your customers by plan, location, payment method and get the insights to grow your business.

No Data Stack and Team Required

You don't need a data team, months of set up, or expensive datawarehouse, although if you have them we integrate with them. Integrate in weeks instead of months.
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Case Study Metricool

Saas Key metrics with cohorts and Real Time segmentation.
MRR movements, Churn, LTV these metrics are not complicated to calculate, but if we want to obtain them with cohorts for each plan, country, currency, language… Then it is much more tricky. Learn how we help Juan Pablo, Metricool Ceo, a Saas that sells worldwide and generates more than 8million ARR with our subscription analytics software.


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“We'd worked with others solutions before, but it was clear that Nextscenario understand our needs and implement a great churn model.”

Johana Sanders

CEO - BrandHouse
There are other subscription analytics solutions, but they are based on ideal cases that rarely exist. Nextscenario understood our needs for churn recognition, cohort analysis and segmentation saving us hours of manual calculations.

Juan Pablo Tejela

CEO - Metricool
World of Metrics!

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